Friday, March 14, 2014

My Farewell

Maybe it was not an illusion , a passing cloud that crossed my sky without realizing he left .
Maybe this was just a gust of wind , a breath of that breath of life that fills you for a moment
Maybe the light in your eyes was not as bright , maybe it was just a false glow

Maybe you were not more than a handful of sand in my hands, and so you went away from me sliding up and nothing could stop
Maybe you were not as big, not as beautiful or as important as you my eyes.
Maybe let you do more of it, with my mind and my heart

Maybe your love was not so, maybe it was just me who loved
Maybe it was me , I'm wrong to love you
Maybe today I regret not rightly know whether or not what this was

Just know that even a tear spill today to let these lines , I'm sure it's better farewell when the wounds have not even gotten to the soul, which the farewell that two souls torn apart by heartbreak occur .
Maybe someday I regret , but I 'll never regret that despite the taste leaves me empty today , we have loved

We are not the same , now everything has changed, and want to hide it or deny it, not make it go away this great abyss.
Maybe this story is already written had its final farewell this advance , when there are still memories of that , you only have a vague memory of feeling experienced.